Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Christmas tree on point

Decorate your Christmas tree on point. 

Soon it is Christmas Eve and if you have invited guests, I am sure they will be surprised by a few simple and fast ornaments and decorations. 

Imagine a Christmas tree on point. You can make one with poin(t)settias. If the poinsettias should last you should not use cut off twigs, but entire mini plants with roots. If you use cut off twigs, they will last for 24 hours top. You can buy paper cones that can hold water and soil. A tip is to put a drop of glue in the bottom to close a possible hole. Then you can transplant your mini poinsettias in the paper cones.  

It’s that easy

Buy mini poinsettias and transplant them in something that can hold soil and water. If you can’t get the special glass pots, then use paper cones.

Here you can see how the decorated Christmas tree looks. She has used cuttings with roots, but they are not easy to get hold of, so use mini poinsettias.

Such a beautiful and lavish Christmas table. This decoration is made of twigs in water combined with plants in soil. Cut the twigs just a couple of hours before the guests arrive.

If you think the Christmas table is too much, you can just decorate the window ledge.