Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Cultivating by a south wall

It is, of course, nice to have a greenhouse, but if you have a warm south wall you can easily grow tomatoes, vine and many semi-tropical fruits there instead.

Even a bad summer can bring you a nice yield, you just need the hardier sorts.


Tomato sorts

Among tomatoes Gemini is especially hardy and manage very well, but also common tomatoes that are cultivated in the greenhouse yield well.


Fig sorts

If you would like to grow figs, Smyrna and Precose de Dalmatien are good choices of fig sorts. Fresh figs are nice with cheese and olives.

Peach sorts

Peach should preferably be placed under a pent roof to avoid peach leaf curl. A good sort is the Frost peach which is tolerant of peach leaf curl. The Rrunus Persica peach is also very good but it needs protection to avoid diseases.


Grape sorts

The best vines for the south wall are the white Reform or the blue Schuyler, which is one of the most popular blue grapes and which with guarantee will ripe. You will also get a nice result with the red Vernassa which is a seedless vine. Other nice choices are the green Himrod and Pearl of Zala, and also the blue Rondo o Muscat Bleu.

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