Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Too much grass and to little lasagna

The newspaper method also handles the weed

A lawn is the most demanding element of a garden. Grass has the catch that it has to be fertilized a few times a year, there might appear a lot of moss in the lawn, which you will then have trouble controlling, and weeds like dandelions can easily find their way between the grass.

The most demanding thing is that a lawn needs to be mowed about 40 times a year, and is the lawn large, it often happens with a motorizing noisy lawnmower. Also, it may be difficult to start.

If you dream of a less demanding garden with lovely perennials or maybe even feel like doing something completely different in the garden, like for example digging up new potatoes or tasting the first red strawberries, not to mention the garden’s sweets, fresh lovely peas, then you can just get rid of some grass.

I know you think “why dig up the grass? Just let it be.” But there is a simple solution, and that is old newspapers. You just cover the grass with old newspapers. First, one layer that you irrigate. Then, another layer or maybe a third. Irrigate in between the layers. You should then put compost or sphagnum on top of the newspapers, and then some kitchen waste.

It works best when putting a green layer on the newspapers and then a brown layer. The green layer is for example fruit and greens, cut grass, coffee grounds and seaweed. The brown layer is shredded paper, pine needles, straws, sphagnum and withered leaves.

You can start the project whenever you want. If you start in the spring and want to plant right away, then you should add a couple more of compost, soil or sphagnum in between. If you start in autumn or early winter, then you can plant directly into the organic material.


The method is called lasagna gardening. If you search on the internet for lasagna gardening, you will find loads of links and videos on how to transform an area of grass and weed into a lush kitchen garden. You don’t even have to do much else than put newspapers and garden waste on your lawn. You can also make the lasagna in the greenhouse, where weeds also can be a problem.