Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Three tips for the garden

It is always nice to share tips. We all like tips to get inspired from. Then we can use them or not. The three tips are from three different gardens in Denmark.

A stand for pots

I found this at a horticulture exhibition at Fredensborg castle in Denmark. It was a small antique stand who had gotten it from a flea market in Sweden. It is said to be built for pots. If you like it, you can have your smith make one.

Madam crème

We all in some degree have hoarders. I think it is baser human instincts. The owners of this greenhouse are collectors of madam crème and all enamelled kitchen utensils, so when the collection doesn’t fit in the house it’s nice to have a greenhouse where you can enjoy your collection.

A sink in the greenhouse.

You use a lot of water in a greenhouse and you frequently find plant tables in there. You can build your own sink into the plant table, with a tap connected to the hosepipe. 

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Lars Lund
Danish horticulturist and journalist
Lars Lund has for many years engaged in the garden and greenhouse. Lars has published many books about greenhouses, and he has participated in many Danish horticultural TV shows. He is a walking garden encyclopaedia, and he has answers for most basic cultivation questions – also the more ambitious ones.  

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