Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Chelsea Flower Show leads the way for modern gardens

The grass is out. Instead, perennials are gaining ground. Natural stone is in. Preferably be stones where moss can grow well. Orange has really become fashionable. In particular, orange perennials are popular and especially mixed with green grasses. These are just some of the things coming from London.

Right in the heart of London lies Europe's most prestigious and also most beautiful exhibition for the gardeners. Chelsea Flower show. Since December 2011 when ticket sales started, people have been waiting for the gate to the Promised Land to open. 157,000 were let in. Some may be lucky enough to buy a ticket on the black market, otherwise, they would have to wait until next year, as there will be a show next year as well. The exhibition is held every year, and every year it all looks as if everything has always been there, but it is just put up for a week, then all this amazing landscape is torn down again.

I visited the exhibition the days before the grand opening. 1000 applications from all over the world were, after applying to The Royal Horticultural Society, RHC like 850 exhibitors let through the eye of the needle, and celebrities also show up. Among these are Cliff Richard, the butler from Downtown Abbey, and of course most of the English royal family led by Queen Elisabeth. Yes, there is style to it when the Englishmen do something.

In addition to the more than 600 exhibitors who bring everything from garden sculptures, garden furniture, and oceans of accessories and not least a larger collection of garden clothes, because the Englishmen really care that the clothes fit the garden, the exhibition offered 16 large gardens built by well-known garden designers from all over the world, as well as 16 smaller ordinary gardens. BBC has their own studio and broadcasts from morning to evening throughout the week that the big scenery unfolds.

England and English gardens are pioneering gardens for many of the European gardens and the garden trend in England is a model for gardens in large parts of the world. A walk through the exhibition area is a walk through experiences of imagination, surprises, and lots of inspiration. In addition to gardens and stalls, a huge nursery was housing everything new in breeding flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Here, the new promising designers also got a small corner where they could present their ideas, and there was also room for the more experimental in terms of sustainability and urban gardening. There is no doubt that the gardens will be much more sustainable as well. The sustainability is accompanied by romance and nostalgia, especially expressed with small romantic garden houses and relaxing hammocks.

The wild and natural continue, but in a tamed and controlled form. The gardens should be reminiscent of landscapes you loved as a child, the beach, wildflowers and beautiful rocks.

The exhibitions can be well recommended, it is in my opinion the most beautiful one I Europe.

Follow the link to see more and buy a ticket for next year.

Om Lars Lund

Lars Lund
Danish horticulturist and journalist
Lars Lund has for many years engaged in the garden and greenhouse. Lars has published many books about greenhouses, and he has participated in many Danish horticultural TV shows. He is a walking garden encyclopaedia, and he has answers for most basic cultivation questions – also the more ambitious ones.  

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