Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

Three tips for the greenhouse – glass lifter, stone beds and shelves!

Lift the glass 

I was helping one of my friends assembling his new greenhouse. It was a birthday present for his wife and a nice gift. My friend’s son also showed up and the best thing was that he brought a pair of suction cups special for glass. They are called glass lifters. It was quite genius. They were pretty heavy windows of toughened glass in long lines, but with a glass lifter they were easy to handle. A man or woman can carry a window and easily put it in the profiles of the greenhouse. I didn’t think of that. He is in advertising, so that’s why he is creative.

Stone bed and water in the greenhouse 

Are you wallowing in tomatoes and cucumbers or are you tired of your neighbour getting your yield because you are on vacation, then your greenhouse can be used for something else. This is a greenhouse I saw on my way around the country. The wife is growing cucumbers and tomatoes, but the husband rather wants a stone bed and water with fish, so why not? What a nice environment especially for the fish.

Shelves all the way around

Shelves all around in the greenhouse is another way to decorate. This is a Swedish collector that has given nice conditions to the many types of geranium, and it looks good. You can consider shelves yourself for your greenhouse.

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