Lars Lund

08 Sep 2020 14:34

White strawberries

Strawberries are red but you can also buy white strawberry plants at nurseries. They taste like pineapple.


The white strawberries, also called White Dream, look like unripe strawberries with red seeds. The white berries grow in the wild in South America and the berry ripens in May/June.

Since 2008 you have been able to buy the sort of the white berry called Chili Manzanar Alto at nurseries, but only as seeds. You then have to sow them yourself and since they are difficult to get to sprout, some might rather want to buy the plant already sprouting.

People who are allergic to strawberries can often eat the white ones. A Danish protein scientist from the University of Southern Denmark found that out. The red berries make a strawberry protein which triggers the allergy. The white ones do not have that protein. Some white strawberries are cultivated in the Netherlands by a man called René Van der Rijst www.rg-eksport.nl.

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