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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Floriade with nurseries and sustainability

Drive by the Netherlands in the holiday.


A heck of a flower and horticulture party opens in April 2022 in the Netherlands, with their queen attending. The Greenhouse Forum attended prior to the opening and world press was invited. The so-called Floriade is a Dutch event filled with plants and horticulture. It is visited by European garden associations, companies, architects, horticulture designers and generally everyone interested in horticulture. The Floriade is held every 10 years, but the organizers have since 2009 planned and built the exhibition.

The exhibition covers an acreage of 160 acres which is compartmentalised in 5 areas with each their theme. The overall theme is sustainability. There’s a theme of relaxation and health. There the horticulture focusses on tastes, smells and senses, which all affect our well-being. Another theme is the environment. There it’s about how trees, vegetables and fruit can improve your everyday life.

Green energy with the possibility to integrate everything green, fun colours and culture, education and innovations are other themes. There are architect-designed parks and gardens, and even sculpture gardens. A part of the exhibition shows how to experiment with plants. Animals are also included. There is a focus on the role of the bees in the ecological cycle and inspiration on how to keep bees in the garden.

The sustainable garden which harnesses solar power and rainwater is one of the larger elements of the event. There is a 182920 square feet nursery filled with tropical plants and lots of greenhouses from where you can find inspiration for plants and decorating. The Floriade is held from April to October 2022.

You can buy tickets on www.floriade.com. Adults are 30 euros and children up to 12 years are 15 euros.

The Floriade is in Venlo in the southern part of the Netherlands, near Düsseldorf in Germany. It is close to highway A73. The nearest airports are Düsseldorf, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Weeze.

You can combine the visit with a trip to Amsterdam, from where you can take the train directly to the Floriade. The train ride is approximately 2 hours. You can also vacay in the region which offers beautiful bike rides and boat trips on the river. See more on Lustforlimburg.com

A visit to the Floriade cannot be done in less than 7 hours, but there is something for both children and adults. Children should speak English, German or Dutch to understand the exhibitions, or parents must translate.

It is open all week from 10-7 and from June to September until 8 o’clock.

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Lars Lund
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