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08 Sep 2020 14:34

Make a cellar in your greenhouse

The plants that do not tolerate frost are happy when November is mild. But it can also get very cold, and then a cellar is a good place to store the crops from your garden. Though you rarely see cellars any more. But why not utilise the greenhouse aisle for a cellar. It is not too overwhelming.


How to:

  1. First, you dig the hole. You could for example dig a pit with a depth of 20 inches and a width that fits the aisle, or just 15 inches.
  2. Strengthen the sides of the pit with 20 inches tall tiles or a waterproof slab of some sort.
  3. Make a drain of pebbles or 4 inches of sand.
  4. Now you just need to put tiles on top. The tiles should of course reach beyond the sides, that is, resting on the tiles of the sides.
  5. You can then lift a couple of the tiles and put in a polystyrene box with all your goodies.


Extra insulation

Normally this construction would be enough to keep the cellar frost-free. If you can’t keep it frost-free as it is, you can always throw a couple of batts of insulation in there. Remove them again when the temperature rises.

It is a good idea to keep a crack between the tiles so air can enter the cellar. Make sure to secure the tiles so they won’t slide when you walk on them. You can put some pieces of wood firmly fixed between the tiles if needed.

You can also make the entire construction in wood. Then you should lower a large box with multiple lids, so you can open the box in more than one place.

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