About the Greenhouse Forum


Juliana Greenhouses A/S has been behind the online community site the Greenhouse Forum for more than 10 years. The original idea behind the digital forum was that all greenhouse owners could come together for their common interest. Just like the fond of greenhouses, the team behind the Greenhouse Forum has grown, and so has the horticultural knowledge. Today, the Greenhouse Forum has experts and Danish bloggers who contribute with their personal and professional greenhouse lingo. The Greenhouse Forum wants to share and disseminate knowledge about the house and garden to the many garden and greenhouse owners in England.


For Juliana, the community is a big part of having a greenhouse, and the joy is great when children or grandchildren can help nurture and harvest. The togetherness in the greenhouse is rewarding and so are the crops. The fantastic outdoor space can be used as both a greenhouse and a dream house, where the sun's rays can be enjoyed even in the winter months. The Greenhouse Forum wants to help greenhouse owners with just these experiences.



In 2020, the Greenhouse Forum opened a column where garden and greenhouse owners can have a talk over the hedge and get answers from our horticulture experts and garden bloggers. The column answers both small and large questions, technical and about cultivating, and the questions that are assessed to best help others will be published in the column. You can send in your question here.



Every month, the Greenhouse Forum publishes five newsletters written by professional journalists, horticulture experts and gardeners. The newsletters contain inspiration for greenhouse life, as well as tips and guidance for your particular greenhouse. Sign up for the newsletter here.



On the blog, horticulture experts and garden bloggers regularly publish articles of good advice and tips that suit the seasons. The horticulture experts and garden bloggers cover knowledge ranging from interior design tips, advice on the first sprouts, to the most advanced cultivation solutions. Read more about our bloggers here.




Nikolaj Stærmose

Owner of Juliana Greenhouses and happy greenhouse owner